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Spam Filtering at DePauw

April 30th, 2009 by Carol L. Smith

Contributed by Michael Gough, Instructional Technologist and Coordinator of START and Bernie Timberman, Senior Network and Systems Administrator

Spam is becoming more prevalent in the cyber community every day. Many viruses and identity thieves rely upon spam email to spread their schemes. Therefore, to prevent many viruses and possible spyware infections, DePauw has invested in two robust spam filters. These filters work very well, especially given the volume of emails that come into DePauw. However, it is not perfect and users should still scan attachments for viruses and spyware. Also, be careful when clicking on links in emails; many spammers use these links to take you to Web sites that can steal information from your computer.

The following offers a perspective of how much of our email really is spam, helps you understand how this system works, and give you an idea of how your contributions can assist our spam filter system.

DePauw uses two Barracuda Model 400 spam filters to trap spam, viruses, and Denial of Service attacks. Denial of Service attacks are email attacks that are designed to overwhelm an email server and deny its functionality for its users. Our filters are configured to update their spam and virus definitions hourly. This information is combined with known spam messages identified by the HelpDesk. Below is a graph from one of the filter’s recent performances.


Notice how only a very small fraction of the total is allowed to be delivered to the recipients’ email boxes. The spam filters actually have a 12 step defense layer and a load balancer equalizes the work between the two filters so that one of them is not overwhelmed with too much volume.

The last step (Spam Scoring) is modified daily by the DePauw community. We input spam messages that are received by the HelpDesk from users to strengthen the spam filtering. Therefore, you can help our filters become more efficient by sending any spam that you recieve to the HelpDesk. This will help all computer users prevent viruses and cybercrime on DePauw’s campus.

By the Numbers: A Year in Archives

April 2nd, 2008 by asmock

Contributed by Wes Wilson, Coordinator of Archives and Special Collections

If you click on the link below, you will see the wide variety of activities that Archives staff participate in with during the year, from class visits to research to creating exhibits. Stop by Archives and Special Collections on the second floor of Roy O. West, next time you are near the library!

Archives Statistics July 2006 – June 2007

By the Numbers – The Music Library

February 20th, 2008 by Carol L. Smith

contributed by Misti Shaw, Music & Performing Arts Consultan
and Courtney Hime, ITAP Communication Consultant

With the opening of the new Green Center for the Performing Arts, the music library has a new location, a new look, and new numbers!

Music Library Information for Fall 2007

Books/Scores 31,000 items
Audio (CDs, LPs, S of M recitals) 9,000 items
Video (VHS, DVD) 1,200 items
Periodicals Current subscriptions: 89 titles
Bound: 125 titles with approximately 1400 volumes

Gate Count

September 2006 6,967 (4 weeks of class)
September 2007 10, 091 (4 weeks of class.)
October 2006 5,588 (3 weeks of class)
October 2007 7,736 (3 weeks of class)
November 2006 5,953 (3 weeks of class)
November 2007 6,929 (3 weeks of class)
December 2006 3,131 (3 weeks of class)
December 2007 4,021 (2 weeks of class)
January 2007 2,716 (Winter Term
January 2008 3,606 (Winter Term)

By the Numbers: Spam!

November 12th, 2007 by Carol L. Smith

Contributed by Dan Pfeifer, Chief Technology Officer
and Courtney Hime, ITAP Communications Consultant

Often on days when faculty, staff, and students feel e-mail is running behind, it is forgotten how much spam the University sifts through. Here are some monthly, daily, and hourly statistics about the amount of spam received by the Network Services Group.

Spam Statistics for a 30-day period Fall 2007








Blocked due to a virus








Allowed but tagged








Total Received