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Manage My ID Service Launched

February 27th, 2010 by Carol L. Smith


Contributed by Rebecca Reneau ’11, ITAP Communication Consultant

A year and a half ago when Donna Arrington began working at DePauw,  students had only one way to add money to their ID/OneCard balances.  They had to bring either cash or a check to the HelpDesk in the lower level of the Union Building—not a terrible system by any means—but also not the most efficient. Most students don’t carry around much cash (if any) and it can take several days for a check mailed from home to arrive. This can seem like an eternity to a hungry student.

Things are working differently now:  DePauw is using CBoard technology in order to offer students and their families, as well as faculty and staff, the option of adding money to their cards online at  Once ID/OneCard holders have created an account, they are able to electronically—and instantly—add more money to their card balance. Students also have the option of sending the link for their individual profile to a third party, like a parent or grandparent, so they can add money to the card too, if they wish.  Best of all, students can report a card missing, making it unavailable for use until it is found. They can also reactivate their card once it is found. DePauw officially began offering the new online option to students on February 2nd, and within two weeks there had already been sixty-four deposits made using the new system.

There is a nominal charge of $2.50 in exchange for the convenience of the online transactions (linked to the processing of  credit cards).  For those who would prefer to avoid the extra charge, the old system of paying by cash or check is still an option, but at a new location. Formerly processed at the Union Building, these transactions are now taken care of by the Cash Receipts Office in the Administration Building (open Monday through Friday). For more information about ManageMyID, contact the HelpDesk by visiting or calling 765/658.4294.

Assignments Made Easy by Tablet PCs

October 15th, 2009 by Carol L. Smith

Contributed by Emily Riggs, ITAP Communication Consultant

This is the second year that a Hewlett-Packard Tablet PC has been available as an option in DePauw’s student laptop program, and nearly 90 First-Year students purchased one this fall. Those students and the sophomores who bought a Tablet PC last year are finding an assortment of programs and functions that they can utilize for the writable screen on their laptops.

Tablet PCs are valuable tools for all majors and departments at DePauw in a variety of ways. For example, with the program PDF Annotator you can use the pen to highlight key quotes and take written notes in the margins of a PDF article right on the screen. With note-taking software such as DyKnow and OneNote handwritten notes can be easily accessed through handwriting recognition technology and converted into text for easier reading. Despite a student’s major or interest, the Tablet PC can make any reading, writing, or lab assignment easier through the writable screen.

To view the impact Tablet PCs have in classrooms at DePauw University, take a look at the following clip: Teaching with Tablets. For more information about the Tablet PCs log onto:

To show students some useful tips and suggestions of what you can do with a Tablet, Michael Gough, Instructional Technologist and Coordinator of Student Technology Support, recently led a workshop on Tablet PCs.  Topics he addressed included functions of the pen tool in software such as OneNote, DyKnow, Windows Journal, PDF Annotator, and MS Office Word documents and presentations. This first workshop was a basic tutorial of the variety of functions and programs of Tablet PCs. Depending upon interest, Gough can schedule more workshops in the future that will focus on more advanced techniques and specific programs.

If you are interested in a workshop, but do not yet own a Tablet PC, do not fear. A few Tablet PCs are available for participants to use during a workshop. For more information about Tablet PCs or future workshops, contact Michael Gough at If you are interested in purchasing a Tablet PC through the DePauw laptop program, you can find that information on the DePauw Laptop website.

Third-Party Access Is Now Available for Students

October 12th, 2009 by Carol L. Smith

In partnership with the Registrar’s office, the Application Services Team recently rolled out a Third-Party Access system for students.

Third-Party Access is a convenient and secure system that enables students to share selected academic records with third parties (parents, employers, graduate schools, etc.) via a personalized online portal. In DePauw’s system, items that can be shared with a third party include the advising transcript, class schedules, billing statements, financial aid awards, and grade reports.

A student accesses the Third-Party Access portal by selecting the Third-Party Access link in e-Services. Within the Third-Party Access portal, you can create new accounts, view the access logs of existing accounts, update or deactivate existing accounts. To create a new account, you simply create a username and password for the account, identify the items that account should have access to, and then share the username, password, and account login page address (( with your selected “third party.”

More info about Third-Party access is available at

EndNote Citation Management Software

April 2nd, 2008 by asmock

Contributed by Caroline Gilson, Coordinator of the Prevo Science Library
and Carol Smith, CIO

The University now has a site license for EndNote for all DePauw students, faculty members and staff. EndNote is a program which stores and organizes citations and also enables you to import citations directly into a Word document. It works on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Two versions of EndNote are available:

The EndNote client, called EndNote X, is installed on your desktop or laptop computer and offers customizable features for working with saved citations. Faculty and staff members can pick up a copy of EndNote X on CDROM from the HelpDesk or can request for a technician to install it for them by contacting the HelpDesk (x4294, Students can purchase a copy of EndNote X on CDROM from the HelpDesk for a discounted price of $40.

EndNote Web ( is web-based and does not require you to install any software on your computer. It is available for use at no charge to all students, faculty members and staff.

To create your EndNote Web account:

  1. Connect to from a computer on the DePauw network.
  2. Click the “Sign Up for an account” link.

Once you have created your account, you can log in from anywhere, both on and off campus, to access the citations you have collected in your account. To keep your account active, you just need to login from a computer connected to the DePauw network at least once every twelve months.

Which version should you use?
Librarians have been testing both versions of the software and recommend that faculty members, Juniors and Seniors consider using EndNote X. You may want to try both versions to see which one meets your needs.

Librarians are happy to meet with any faculty member to discuss both versions and offer demonstrations.

Where can you find more information about EndNote?

A LibGuide is available via the DePauw Libraries web site with more information, links to handouts, and tips on how to download citations from selected databases at : Or contact any librarian for assistance or if you have questions. – Online Collaborative ‘Office’ Suite

February 20th, 2008 by Carol L. Smith

contributed by Courtney Hime, ITAP Communication Consultant is an online collaborative and social networking tool. The Web site offers a host of Office-like programs that allow users to create and edit documents online. The suite is free after creating a user name and password.

The web site boasts an online collection of services that rivals Microsoft Office, including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, project manager, meeting manager, and calendar, along with several other tools similar to those offered by Microsoft or Apple. Zoho also offers online and collaborative tools in their Beta version for businesses.

Zoho writer and presentation allow users to import documents from Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to be edited or shared, and a plug-in is available to work with Excel as well.

Like the Microsoft Office suite, all of Zoho’s tools integrate and work better together. Unlike Office, Zoho allows multiple users to share and edit documents simultaneously from any computer with Internet access.

In addition to integrating with each other, all Zoho applications can be integrated with Facebook, an increasingly helpful feature for college students, faculty and staff. – store your bookmarks online

November 12th, 2007 by Carol L. Smith

Contributed by Courtney Hime, ITAP Communications Consultant
and Tiffany Hebb, Coordinator of Instruction Services

As technology becomes a more mobile part of our lives, portability becomes increasingly important. makes moving from place to place that much easier. Pronounced ‘delicious,’ this social bookmarking tool enables you to access your favorite Web sites from any computer with Internet access.

Once you create a account (it’s free), you can add links, articles, and other media to your list. Many web sites have buttons displayed on their pages that make it simple to add them right to your list.

During the creation of your account, you will be asked if you want to add buttons to your browser’s toolbar. By adding the buttons, you can add and tag Web sites to your bookmark list by just clicking a button on your browser toolbar.

The site has a simple interface and tags that make it easy to navigate. Any web site you choose to add to your list can be organized by tags. For example, an article from the New York Times on new technology gadgets for Christmas might be tagged ‘nytimes,’ ‘technology,’ ‘gadgets,’ and ‘Christmas.’ This system of categorizing makes it easy to locate links as well as group similar items together. also allows you to easily share your favorite links with other users. Anyone can view your list at, for example

A great way to learn about is to explore it yourself at For more details, visit If you have any questions about, you can contact Tiffany Hebb at Roy O. West Library, or email her at