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Go change your Google password now. #SecureIT

February 13th, 2015 by Lynda S. LaRoche

The recent reports of cyber attacks on major companies and organizations reinforce the various steps we all should take to protect both ourselves and the University. Our most recent effort, DPU_Secure wireless, has provided you with a safer, more secure connection between your computing device and the various access points on campus.

Now it’s time to remind everyone about the importance of changing your Google Apps password regularly – preferably, at least every 6 months. As Google mentions in its Secure your passwords article at, passwords are the first line of defense against cyber criminals. Be sure to watch the short “How to create a strong password” video at the end of the article.

Another recommended resource that you might find useful is Google’s Gmail security checklist at Not only does this list offer you tips and tools for making your Google Apps email account more secure, but item #7 introduces you to 2-step verification.

Within the next month, 2-step verification will be an available option on your DePauw Google Account. Once it’s available, choosing to use it will make your account even more secure. 2-step verification can be thought of as something you do – Entering your password – with something you have – on the personal device you’ve linked to your account.

Watch for more #SecureIT information to come later.

Have a great weekend and go change your Google password now!

Get IT All…Safer. Security Enhancements to the DePauw Wireless Network #SecureIT

January 12th, 2015 by Lynda S. LaRoche
During the next few weeks, Information Services will be finishing the implementation of a more secure wireless network. This will provide an encrypted network that will be safer and less vulnerable to hacking or cybertheft.

Beginning on February 10, 2015

DPU_Secure will be the primary wireless network for all faculty, staff, and students. This network encrypts all data traveling between your device and the network access point. DPU_Secure is available from most popular mobile devices, including Mac OS, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, etc. by using your DePauw Account login credentials to access it.

DPU_Guest will be an open network that is limited to Internet-only access. This network is provided as a courtesy for guests of DePauw University and to support the few device types that do not support connections to the encrypted networks. A username and password is not required to access DPU_Guest.

DPU_Wireless will be retired on 2/10/2015 and will be no longer available.

DePauw’s wifi network

DPU_Secure DPU_Guest
Requires login

Required login using DePauw Account credentials

Open for Internet browsing without login

Available for
Faculty, staff, and students with DePauw Account
Guests of DePauw University
Enhanced / Secure

Encrypts data passed between

device and access point

Normal / Unsecure

No data encryption or additional security

Connects to:

Internet, including 
Web-based campus services

(e.g., Moodle, e-Services,, etc.)

Yes Yes
Network Printers & Copiers Yes No
Network Drives (P:, I:, U:, etc.) Yes No


You can learn more about DePauw’s Network on the IT KnowledgeBase at Please contact the HelpDesk at (765) 658-4294 or with any questions.

It won’t be long! Info for faculty & staff about planning for the Re-Launch of the DePauw Website

November 21st, 2011 by Carol L. Smith

From Jon Coffin, Director of Strategic Communications 

Dear DePauw Faculty and Staff –

After many months of planning, and many more months of hard work and preparation from staff and faculty across campus, we are now just less than a month away from the re-launch of the DePauw University website.

Though conversations have been underway with campus web-authors for many months, the upcoming launch will – for obvious reasons – bring this process to life for all within our campus community.

This email, and the accompanying document, is intended to serve as a general update on the central elements of this project, and the changes our community can expect in the coming weeks. To that end, please find, below, an outline of the project’s core goals and objectives. Additionally, please find the attached Frequently Asked Question document, which goes into further detail about the redesign process, the impact of the site transition, and how it will (and won’t) affect existing web content. (more…)

Additional Website Training Walk-In Sessions

November 14th, 2011 by Lynda S. LaRoche

From Jon Coffin, Director of Strategic Communications:

Dear website authors, content managers, and coordinators,

We are now approximately a month away from the scheduled “launch date” for the new DePauw website.

Thank you to many of you who have been updating your content and preparing your pages for the launch.  Many of your pages are coming together quite nicely. Thanks, also, to those who have joined for our ongoing walk-in sessions for the new BigTree content management system. I hope they have been helpful.

To provide continued support in the coming weeks, we have added three additional walk-in sessions. With these new sessions, a total of four sessions remain:
  • 11/16 – 1-5 PM (Roy O Basement Lab)
  • 11/30 – 1-5 PM (Roy O Basement Lab)
  • 12/2 – 8:30-Noon (Roy O Basement Lab)
  • 12/7 – 1-5 PM (Roy O Basement Lab)
As with the originally scheduled sessions, members of the Communications/Webteam/FITS team will be available to assist you with site-specific questions about your pages. Please sign up for one of the above sessions using this form. Signing up in advance will help us be best prepared to answer your questions.

Additionally, as you work on your site, please reference this overview of the site’s styles, (which we have added to the “Overview” landing page within BigTree). You may find it helpful as a model for using the heading, paragraph, table stylings within the new site structure.

Finally, please remember that our scheduled launch date for the new site is December 15th. At that point, only content that has been moved into BigTree will be available at We would strongly encourage you to have all of your content moved into the new system by the first week of December so the final week before launch can be spent confirming, and re-confirming, that all content is prepared and displaying properly for the official launch date.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us at with additional questions.


Updates for department chairs & program directors about the website redesign process

September 29th, 2011 by Lynda S. LaRoche

From Jon Coffin, Director of Strategic Communications

Dear Department Chairs and Program Directors:

A brief update with important details and document about the website redesign process:

(1) Thank you to those who have contacted me with your website owners / designee(s) who will manage your department’s website transition.  For those from whom we have not heard, please let me know who will manage this process for your department as soon as possible so we can add them to our list for training purposes.  (Side note: We are currently in the process of finalizing a training schedule to introduce campus web authors – your website designees – to the Big Tree Content Management System, with some training sessions tentatively scheduled to be offered during the third and fourth week of October. We expect these introductory sessions to last approximately an hour, and we will be in touch with you and your designees in the coming days with additional information and precise times and offerings.)

(2) Attached is a content guide with guidance for thinking about and preparing your content for the new site. This is designed to help you and your department prepare for the website transition. 

(3) Though most faculty personal pages are hosted elsewhere, a small number of faculty in a handful of departments have personal (free-form / non-templated) pages hosted within their respective department or program page at  If these faculty pages need to continue to exist in their current form, they must be moved to the server which will be un-touched by the redesign process.  Our colleagues in FITS ( are available to assist faculty with this transfer. (Note: This does not apply to basic biography pages which are common in many departments, as this sort of content can be moved into the new system. The concern, here, is with the free form personal pages.)

Again, thank you for your assistance, patience and support throughout this process.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any additional questions.



Attachment: Content Preparation Guide