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It won’t be long! Info for faculty & staff about planning for the Re-Launch of the DePauw Website

November 21st, 2011 by Carol L. Smith

From Jon Coffin, Director of Strategic Communications 

Dear DePauw Faculty and Staff –

After many months of planning, and many more months of hard work and preparation from staff and faculty across campus, we are now just less than a month away from the re-launch of the DePauw University website.

Though conversations have been underway with campus web-authors for many months, the upcoming launch will – for obvious reasons – bring this process to life for all within our campus community.

This email, and the accompanying document, is intended to serve as a general update on the central elements of this project, and the changes our community can expect in the coming weeks. To that end, please find, below, an outline of the project’s core goals and objectives. Additionally, please find the attached Frequently Asked Question document, which goes into further detail about the redesign process, the impact of the site transition, and how it will (and won’t) affect existing web content.

At its core, DePauw’s new website seeks to accomplish a number of critical goals:

  • Implement a website design that provides a fresh, engaging and compelling presentation of the DePauw experience, specifically for external visitors and prospective students.
  • Implement a universal navigation system throughout the site to enhance usability for site visitors.
  • Implement a new content management system to streamline and simplify the steps and training necessary to update and maintain our many websites. Within the content management system, updates will be made within a web-based interface that will not demand user familiarity with Dreamweaver or HTML.

Designated web content owners from departments/programs/offices throughout campus are currently in the process of transferring their content into the new content management system, with a general goal of moving all content into the new system no later than the second week of December. To meet this target, departmental content owners have put a great deal of time and energy into this project over the course of recent weeks. Their efforts are central to this endeavor, and the Website Transition Team will remain available to assist them with any questions they may have during this process.

Please stay tuned for additional updates as our target launch date approaches, and if – after reviewing the items above and the attached – you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Website Transition Team at

Thank you for your support and patience.

Most sincerely,
The Website Transition Team

DePauw Website FAQ – November 23, 2011


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