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Fall 2012 – Starting the Year with Information Technology at DePauw (Updates & Tips)

August 15th, 2012 by Carol L. Smith

From Carol L. Smith, CIO

Welcome back as we begin the new academic year! I wanted to take a moment to provide some quick tips and updates about key IT projects that are underway or will be coming up soon.

If you have any questions about these (or any other IT-related projects), please don’t hesitate to contact me at



Topics in the following include:

  1. Keeping in touch with IT at DePauw
  2. Helping students get logged in to Moodle, P: or I: drives, printers, etc.
  3. Wireless network expansion in University-owned student living units is complete
  4. Overview of the Student Laptop Program & known shipping delays for some students
  5. Voicemail system replacement timeline and setting up Google Voice voicemail

1) Keeping in Touch with IT at DePauw     

The HelpDesk – The Help Desk provides technical support services to students, faculty and staff members in DePauw campus community.

The IT KnowledgeBase  – The KnowledgeBase offers immediate 24/7 access to a broad collection of self-service IT support information and documentation.

HelpDesk Status Hotline – Available 24×7, includes a blog, phone number (x6666) and RSS feed to provide up-to-the-minute notices about IT-related service announcements, known system issues, and other useful IT tips & tricks.

Information Services Blog – Provides periodic articles about I.S. activities, DePauw IT updates, etc., aimed at the whole DePauw community.

Faculty Instructional Technology Support (FITS) – FITS assists faculty members in enhancing their teaching and their students’ learning through the latest technology with an emphasis on the pedagogical applications of technology rather than with explicit technical training.

2) Helping students get logged in to Moodle, P: or I: drives, printers, etc .

After being away from campus for the summer some students may have forgotten their passwords, while many new students are unfamiliar with tools like Moodle, the network (I: or P: Drives), or the public campus printers. Following are a couple of resources that you can guide them toward that will help them figure things out:

Overview of DePauw students IT accounts – Provides a quick description of all their accounts, including which account to use to login to each resource

If they’ve forgotten a password – Direct them to visit the HelpDesk in person to have it reset.

3) Wi-Fi expansion in University-owned student living units is complete

With the completion of upgrades made in the west duplexes just last week, we now have 100% Wi-Fi coverage in University-owned student living units.

4) Overview of the Student Laptop Program & known shipping delays for some students

About the Laptop Program:

All students entering DePauw are required purchase a designated DePauw Program Laptop and a Software/Service Bundle through the DePauw Laptop Program. The program requirements ensure that all students are equipped with the tools needed to support their DePauw learning experience and enable faculty members to most effectively make use of technology in the classroom.

Incoming students have a choice between four types of laptops, including an Apple MacBook Pro, an HP TabletPC, an HP ProBook, and an HP EliteBook. The HP ProBook and EliteBooks are new options this year, replacing the Dell models that were formerly offered.

The laptop program provides an onsite repair service center (currently located at the HelpDesk) for students whose laptops are broken or have failed. Students can also borrow a loaner laptop during the repair of their laptop.

Complete details about the Laptop Program are at

Known shipping delays for some students:

HP has recently experienced shipping delays on some student laptop orders. As a result, approximately 30 students who have ordered an HP laptop may not receive their computers in time for the start of classes. We are working closely with our contacts at HP on this issue and the delayed orders are estimated to be delivered within the first couple of weeks of the semester.

In the meantime, there are several public computer labs and workstations available where students can work on assignments for their courses, check email, print e-Reserves, log in to Moodle and e-Services, etc., while they are waiting for their laptops to arrive. Some options include the lab in the lower level of Roy O. West Library, Scholar Stations located in the Prevo, School of Music and Roy O. West libraries, the Julian 108 and Julian 109 computer labs, and the MITC lab in GCPA 1151.

If you have questions or hear from students with concerns about waiting for their laptop to arrive, you can contact Mike Moore,, x4293.

5) Voicemail system replacement timeline and setting up Google Voice voicemail

We are currently evaluating voicemail options to replace the Google Voice voicemail system we introduced last spring and anticipate implementing a new system sometime mid-semester.

In the meantime, you can continue to use Google Voice by creating a Google Voice number with your DePauw Google account and forwarding your office phone to it.

To set up Google Voice as your voicemail:

For step-by-step instructions for using Google Voice as your voicemail, refer to the IT KnowledgeBase article Google Voice as your voicemail.

You must follow the 3-step process completely to avoid issues:

  1. Set up a local* phone number in your DePauw Google account. These are provided by Google and often (though not always) in the 765-276-xxxx range, which is a local Greencastle call.
  2. Forward your office phone to the phone number created in step 1.
  3. Finalize your Google Voice settings. ***VERY IMPORTANT STEP!***

*At times, Google expends all its local numbers for our area. Usually, they are able to acquire more within a week or two when this happens. If you don’t want to wait until a local number becomes available go ahead and select a long distance number. The small long distance cost for leaving/getting a voicemail message will negligible, generally only 5-10 cents per message.

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